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Dear Friends:

The Shirelles are about much more than just the music. There is an energy and an aura that goes beyond our songs. We were taught by the best, right there at the beginning of the music. We learned how to move, how to dress and above all how to present our music in a certain classy, elegant style. This is the tradition of the female groups of my era and for all my life I have tried to be true to it.

Our show is a classy and sassy message of love and good time Rock & Roll. No one leaves a Shirelles show without having a good ole time!

Beverly Lee
The Shirelles
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

A special message from Beverly Lee

Did You Know?

Beverly Lee is an original member of The Shirelles and is the keeper of the flame for The Shirelles trademark!

Beverly Lee inducted in 1996

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Beverly Lee is proud to support NAMI - The National Alliance on Mental Illness

"Let's help end the stigma by confronting mental illness and not hiding it. Often the onset of mental illness problems are preventable by timely intervention.."

- Beverly Lee