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Direct from The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame - The Shirelles are universally credited as the originators of the Girl Group Sound that is beloved by the Baby Boomer generation. Their long string of hits include:

* Soldier Boy
* Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
* Dedicated To The One I Love
* Mama Said
* Baby It's You
* Foolish Little Girl
* What A Sweet Thing That Was
* Boys
* I Met Him On A Sunday

Beginning in 1958 as schoolgirls in Passaic, New Jersey, The Shirelles quickly became rock & roll's first female supergroup and were the inspirations for a legion of female groups that followed. The Shirelles are the original "Dream Girls" and have earned their exalted place in modern musical history.

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The Shirelles songs have been recorded by a long list of artists including:


The Shirelles In History

BB KingsAugust 5, 1963
The Shirelles perform for
Dr. Martin Luther King see more