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The Shirelles were an all-girl group that rocked the early 60s
All of the band members went to the same high school, Passaic High School New Jersey, which is where they met each other. They formed the band in 1957 and during one of their rehearsals in the school gym, one of their teachers suggested that they should enter the school talent show. They were interested in the idea and decided to write their own song for the show. That was how their first single I Met Him on a Sunday was created. Their performance in the talent show was dazzling and they became instant sensations.  

The Shirelles kicked off their career at Tiara Records. Their first single was released by Tiara but licensed by Decca Records.

it’s you

This song was written by Burt Bacharach, Luther Dixon (under the pseudonym Barney Williams) and Mack David.

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Those who grew up listening to the music of The Shirelles can attest to the beautiful harmonic nature of their vocals.


This song was released in 1961 and instantly charted in the spring. It reached #2 on the R&B charts and #4 on the pop charts. 

best-selling albums
Clear Filters
The Definitive Collection
Greatest Hits
Foolish Little Girl
Happy & In Love
To Trumpets & Strings
The Shirelles & King Curtis
Baby It’s You
Tonight’s The Night
At Scepter Records, Florence Greenberg approached experienced songwriter Luther Dixon to help out with the girls’ music careers. They released hit after hit. 
It went on to reach number 39 in the charts in 1960 and ultimately propelled them to fame. Will You Love Me Tomorrow was their first song to hit the top of the charts and among the seven top 20 hits that The Shirelles managed to produce.
One of their ardent fans at the time was Mary Greenberg, daughter of Florence Greenberg. She insisted that the girls should meet her mother who owned her owned music record at the time.
At first the group was reluctant, but eventually, they agreed to do so. They auditioned in the Greenbergs’ living room and managed to capture the heart of Florence Greenberg
Greatest Hits All Time
Baby It’s You
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