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A Welcome Message To Fans

We welcome fans from all corners of the world in celebrating the incredible sounds of The Shirelles and all that they managed to accomplish in the 60s. The Shirelles are one of the pioneering groups of the all-girl band phenomenon in America and one of the most successful. As teenagers, The Shirelles were able to take the whole world by storm with their innocent-sounding vocals. Their music endeared both young and older fans to them and cut through the ethnic boundaries that existed during that era. This blog was created to appreciate the work that The Shirelles did in the 60s and consequently throughout the rest of their careers.

A warm welcome to our visitors and fellow Shirelles fanatics.
A warm welcome to our visitors and fellow Shirelles fanatics.
Love Continues

One of the themes that The Shirelles used primarily in their songs was the love theme. Their music was designed to mainly be attractive to young women but it crossed the divide, with many men also enjoying their sound. This is in no small part due to the clear meanings that their songs had and how they were easy to sing along to. Even in the 21st century, some of their popular songs like Will You Love Me Tomorrow are highly relevant.

Bold & Beautiful

Those who grew up listening to The Shirelles can attest to the beautiful nature of their vocals. They crafted a vocal style that suggested they were quite vulnerable and were singing straight from their heart. The lead, often sang by Shirley Owens, was superbly done. She had a girly voice that was very innocent and crisp at the same time. This is the main reason as to why most of their songs were used in commercials during this era.

The lead, often sang by Shirley Owens, was superbly done
A Community Of Supporters

We decided to create a fan page for The Shirelles in order to ensure that people don’t ever forget about the four girls who gave the world such a gift. They also showcased to the world how dreaming big can take you far. The four girls from New Jersey managed to conquer the entire United States and the world with their sweet voices. They also proved to other African-American women that they could make it in a white-dominated music industry. That is why they are considered as the pioneers of the all-girl band, especially in the African-American community.

They also introduced a new vocal style that became a hit with new music groups that were formed during that era. Theirs was a significant contribution to the music industry.

We hope that every time you go through our site you will experience the legacy of The Shirelles and the spirit that they exuded in their wonderful music. We hope that you will keep on reliving that legacy and remember all of the amazing sounds that they gave us.

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